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LSAT Books website relies on college students, pre-law advisors, online discussion groups and students who have taken the LSAT test to determine which LSAT books would be the most useful to students. All our recommended LSAT books have among the best ratings on In addition to the LSAT books we recommend to you, please consider visiting the official website for the LSAT test

What is the LSAT?

The letters "L S A T" stand for Law School Admission Test. The LSAT is developed and administered by Law Services in Newtown, Pennsylvania. A free sample LSAT is available in the LSAT Registration Book which may be obtained from your local law school or university career counseling centre. You may get one directly from Law Services by calling (215) 968-1001. You may also order one from their web site at: The deadline for registration is generally about five weeks before the test date!

What is the Format of the LSAT?

The LSAT is multiple choice. It is a sophisticated test of your reading and reasoning abilities. These abilities are tested by separately timed sections. At the present time each section is 35 minutes and contains one of the following three question types: reading comprehension, logical reasoning or analytical reasoning questions. The current format is:

  1. Reading Comprehension - four passages - 28 questions
  2. Logic Games - four sets of conditions - 24 questions
  3. Logical Reasoning - 24 questions
  4. Logical Reasoning - 25 questions

In addition, each test taker may have to sit through one additional experimental section.

What About the Writing Sample?

In addition to the multiple choice LSAT questions there is a 30 minute writing exercise. Law schools receive a copy of your writing sample. The writing sample is not graded and is placed in your file for possible consideration. Some law schools have begun to use the LSAT writing sample to compare with the applicant's personal statement. Is it conceivable that this particular applicant wrote this particular personal statement?

How is the LSAT scored and what does the score mean?

Your LSAT score is based only on the number of questions you answer correctly and is reported on a scale of 120 - 180. The LSAT is not a pass fail exam. Your score is a percentile ranking and is a reflection of how you perform relative to everybody else taking the test. A score of 180 indicates that you performed better than 99.9% of all test takers.

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